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About the Applied Ministry Program

The Applied Ministry Program is designed to formalize a relationship and a ministry context for students in Westminster Online programs to implement what is learned in classes, to receive encouragement and constructive feedback from an invested partner, and to track progress­–to stop and identify how much the student has learned through the program.

The Planning Phase

If this is your first time as a partner of a Westminster student, you will need to complete registration with the Dean of Online Students office. This includes basic contact and ministry information, as well as a section on your education background and any relevant experience.

The student proposal form is an opportunity for you and the student to meet together and prayerfully determine the parameters and goals for this ministry period

Partner RegistrationStudent Proposal Form

The Evaluation Phase

The final evaluation phase is designed to reflect on the experience as a whole at the conclusion of the partnership. Specifically, this is when students and their ministry partners review the progress made toward achieving the learning goals agreed to in the ministry proposal.

Student Final Evaluation FormPartner Final Evaluation Form

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